Meil on rõõm teada anda, et ESLi raamatukogu hakkab ilmet võtma. Täiendustest hakkame teavet saatma jooksvalt, aga seni ootame kõiki tutvuma järgmiste raamatute ja ajakirjade uusimate numbritega.

El Croquis 179 - 180 SANAA 2011 - 2015

SANAA (Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates) takes centre stage in this special edition, which focuses on the past four years of the

El Croquis 177 - 178 LACATON & VASSAL 1993 - 2015

This instalment of the magazine is dedicated to the work of Paris-based architects Lacaton & Vassal. Covering more than two decades

Frame #104 May/Jun 2015

Three words say it all: tech takes over. Retail is now a hybrid of digital and physical environments. Physical stores are crossing

Frame #103 Mar/Apr 2015

Colour is something of a design enigma. Few know exactly how to apply it; many don't dare to try. For some it comes 'naturally' so


Detail is the international professional journal for architecture and construction details. Each issue deals with a specific aspect

Frame #102 Jan/Feb 2015

As all good things must come to an end, so must 2014. Following a year filled with milestones and openings, the first issue of 2015

Japan-Ness in Architecture

Toshiko Mori, Arata Isozaki Japanese architect Arata Isozaki sees buildings not as dead objects but as events that encompass the social

The Embodied Image: Imagination and Imagery in Architecture

Juhani Pallasmaa All artistic and architectural effects are evoked, mediated and experienced through poeticised images. These images

Architecture of Use: Aesthetics and Function in Architectural Design

Stephen Grabow, Kent Spreckelmeyer By analyzing ten examples of buildings that embody the human experience at an extraordinary level,

El Croquis 176: Eduardo Souto de Moura 2009 - 2014

This special issue reviews sixteen recent projects by Eduardo Souto de Moura, who was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2011. Notably diverse,

Frame #101 Nov/Dec 2014

With Frame's centennial issue now behind us, we embark upon the next hundred issues by asking 'is this a fad, or is it the future?' The