Euroopa Sisearhitektide Nõukogu (ECIA)

Euroopa Sisearhitektide Nõukogu on Euroopa sisearhitektuuri ja disaini valdkonna kutseorganisatsioonide esindusorgan. ECIA on asutatud 1992. aastal ja koondab hetkel 14 rahvusvahelist organisatsiooni, kelle ridadesse kuulub üle 6000 professionaalse sisearhitekti või -kujundaja.

19. mail 2012 allkirjastati Euroopa Sisearhitektide Nõukogu (European Council of Interior Architects, ECIA) juhatuse väljasõiduistungil Tallinnas ESLi ametlik avaldus ECIAga liitumiseks. Sama aasta 19.–20. oktoobril toimus Brüsselis ECIA peaassamblee, mille istungil võeti ESL selle üleeuroopalise kutseorganisatsiooni täieõiguslikuks liikmeks. ESL osaleb aktiivselt ühenduse tegevuses, st ECIA Põhjamaade ühenduse ja peaassamblee istungitel.

ECIA President's Greetings

In our last newsletter we announced our 25th anniversary, which we will celebrate in Pärnu, Estonia. The last few months our hosting organization, the Estonian association of Interior Architects (ESL), has put a lot of effort in the organization of our event. We, as a board, worked hard on the program. And therefore I am very proud to mention our program for the weekend. We choose to, extent the program a bit and will start with our general assembly at Friday the 8th of September. In the evening we will have a welcome dinner. Saturday the 9th of September we will visit some great examples of Estonian interior architecture. The afternoon we will host some keynote speakers of various member countries. We will close off with a party.

Besides the information on our webpage, we will send personal invitations. But will outline that everybody is more than welcome to join!

Besides the effort we have put in the organizational part, there is more to mention in this newsletter. We noticed a lot of ongoing developments towards national governments for the recognition, protection, reserved titles or other ways of actions around our profession. We helped and supported our members, such as France, Romania, the Netherlands and Belgium, where needed. But even more important, you can use the ECIA network to contact other members to help. We can mediate in that, to help you find similar situations, questions or solutions to help you.

To end with, we started this year with to internal workshops about the themes of the profession itself and education. Two continuously changing themes for which it is very important to keep up to date and have our knowledge spread in the board to share it with our members and to develop them.

For now I will end that I hope to see you all in Estonia in September!

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ECIA uus president Anja Dirks

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ECIA peaassamblee 2016

ECIA peaassamblee 2016

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