The Constituent Assembly

In Soviet Estonia, interior architects were associated by the Designers Section of the Artists Association of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. From the 1960s we had contacts with Finnish interior architects (SIO). We were aware that interior architects had their own professional associations elsewhere in the world. At the end of the 1980s when new hopes emerged the activists of the Designers Section started to establish a professional association. We were greatly supported and advised by our good colleagues from Finland, whom we met often, and in 1989 we participated in a meeting of interior architects of the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark) in Sweden. This is how the ESL was born with the help of friends. The formal association meeting was held on 20 November 1990 in the Tallinn City Hall.

Associating members

Vello Asi
Leila Pärtelpoeg
Leo Leesaar
Taevo Gans
Eero Jürgenson
Aet Maasik
Juta Lember
Krista Roosi
Teno Velbri
Rein Laur
Ivi-Els Schneider
Mati Leon
Malle Agabuš
Taimi Soo