The European Council of Interior Architects is the representative body for the European professional organizations in Interior Architecture and Design. Founded in 1992, ECIA currently represents 14 members-national organizations, with over 6000 professionals Interior Architects/Designers.

On 19 May 2012, the official application by the ESL to join the ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) was signed at the ECIA outing session in Tallinn. At the General Assembly of the ECIA in Brussels on 19–20 October 2012 the ESL was accepted as a full member of the European organisation. The ESL actively participates in the activities of the ECIA – in the sessions of the ECIA Nordic section and the ECIA General Assembly.


President's greetings


December 2017

Short days and dark evenings, colder weather, fireplaces, warm drinks, Christmas tree, workload and deadlines. Just a short summary of all the words that came into my mind while thinking of the last month of this year. It might be a bit different – wherever you are located in Europe –, but overall, I guess most of us will have similar feelings.

This is last newsletter of 2017 and we are heading for 2018, preparing the upcoming year. The calendar is filling and plans are made. I would like to share with you the great live event for the FRAME awards in Amsterdam in February as well as ECIA general assembly that will be in Antwerp in September.

This newsletter is packet with the latest updates and information of all we are working on. Just to name some: a brief summary about the different EU matters, the introduction of our new member and a report of the last IFI general assembly in Lagos. But most importantly, please have a look at the vacancies for our board.

For now, I wish you all a great December month with a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Make the best of 2018!

Anja Dirks I President of ECIA


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