SISU Symposium “Welcome, stranger”

Nomadism is the most actual topic in today’s world. Movement can be voluntary or forced. To go somewhere, you need a place to come back to – a closed, alienated cultural space is not a sustainable one. Immigration and emigration require adaptation to new conditions, a break with old habits, a farewell to comfort zones, a readiness to experiment and push boundaries. Flexibility. Curiosity. Openness. Spatial intelligence can be an ineffable quality yet also an exact concept that denotes the interrelations between architecture and place. It’s the capability to offer solutions and create new things in a different place and culture – a new world influenced by the landscape, the urbanistic environment and surrounding PEOPLE. How does SPACE change in the process?

The SISU symposium will explore the expectations and needs of modern nomadic lifestyles through examples of adaptation to PLACE and settling in a new HOME. Moving and st settling down also involve crossing and setting boundaries. We will talk about people’s behavioral patterns and ways of adapting in today’s actual space. Through a combination of place and action, specific associations arise, and if used inventively they have the potential to become active. In what ways are the influences of diverse cultures expressed? How do we relate to a changing world from the perspective of (interior) architecture as a profession? How does the architect/designer work in parallel in a different cultural context? The Estonian Association of Interior Architects in cooperation with the interior architecture department of the Estonian Academy of Arts, invites theoreticians and practitioners from Estonia, the rest of Europe and parts more distant to the 3rd SISU international interior architecture symposium, to be held in Tallinn.