Open Lecture Series: Milota Sidorova

“Shared Governance aka Urban Activism 2.0”
The landscape of urban projects in Central Europe defined by one sided activism, voluntary work and kind of antagonistic movements from non-governmental initiatives has been changing rather towards creative, complex frameworks in need of effective use of sources from all three sectors. We come across projects sharing similar features: blending edges of responsibilites, communication and finances between non-governmental, private and public sector.
The lecture will draw from a case study of Obchodna street (Bratislava, Slovakia) where the concept of Business Improvement District as a model of shared governance has been emerging and where the need for revitalization of the declining main street has been led by a private sector adopting the tools, traditionally seen between non-governmental groups, simultaneously working with the public sector too.

Milota Sidorova is a consultant of urban projects and strategic development. She studied landscape architecture, urban planning, graphic design, film production, urbanism, methods of social research and human resource management in different schools around Europe, Asia and America. She was a founding member and coordinator of the international urban planning festival reSITE. In 2014 she finished doctoral studies in landscape architecture on the topic: Catalytic impacts of markets on public spaces. Since 2012 she has been mapping actors in non-governmental sector engaged with public space in Bratislava and Prague. In 2015 she co-founded initiative WPS Prague – a network promoting active women in architecture, urban planning and development of community life.
The lectures are held in English, free of charge.
The lecture series is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.