Morning Coffee: Foreign workers 2

This Thursday will start bright and early with the next event in the Morning Coffee series, where interior architects, architects and others operating in the nearby fields will come and share theri experiences from working or doing an apprenticeship in the big architecture offices across the world. This event is perfect for students and those wanting to become a student.

On stage, being roasted by Hannes Praks, we’re having Carl-Dag Lige, currently the curator of Estonian Architecture Museum, and architect Aet Ader from office b210. Both of them spent some time at the big BIG in Denmark, and have promised to tell the whole tale.

There will be coffee, provided by the ever-great KOKOMO COFFEE

There might be cake.

Wake up! Join us! We’ll have the whole event in Estonian, probably, so for our English speaking students and friends – you might not understand EVERYTHING, but come anyway.