Final presentation of the MA course ‘Social and Political Space’

What unites an inmate of the Tallinn prison and a student of the Interior Architecture department? Are the spiritual needs of the inhabitants of Kopli spatially satisfied? Can we play cards with the fundamental human needs? You will get answers to these and other questions this Thursday, January 12th, at 10.00 at the final presentation of the MA course ‘Social and Political Space’, taking place at the Department of the Interior Architecture, Nunne 16, Tallinn. Come and hear/see/ask questions, we welcome all other students, professors or others interested in the topic – and this is also an excellent chance to explore what studying interior architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts is really all about, be it MA or BA programme.

MA course was led by Madli Maruste and Ülar Mark
Students: Kaia Tungal, Tamara Istanbouli, Siim Karro, Hosne Mobarek, Maria Kesküla, Sudi Kroni, Olga Vertjajeva