Basics Interior Architecture: Context & Environment

“Context & Environment” by Grame Brooker and Sally Stone from “The Basic Interior Architecture” series has been translated into Estonian.

There are currently few detailed and educationally focussed texts on the subject of interior architecture. The new “Basics Interior Architecture” series helps to fill this gap, and will expand students’ knowledge of interior design/interior architecture and give an insight into some of the principles and methods of professional interior architects. The book proposes a method of design based on the interpretation, evaluation and utilisation of physical factors, such as light and orientation, the contextual issues of the urban form and the subject of sustainability. It examines the ways each of these factors influences the form of the interior. The text is supported by detailed studies of contemporary work, alongside student activities and resources.

The presentation of the book translated by Katrin Kask will be held in the courtyard of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, Rüütli 4, Tallinn on Thursday, September 8, 2016.