Architectural synthesis: Learning from teaching

On the 18th of May at 6 pm as a part of the Open Lecture series TTK Architecture Institute welcomes you to the lecture of Patrick Hwang, architect and a full-time scholar of Chinese University of Hong Kong.

His professional experience has been with numerous award winning firms in New York and Los Angeles including Gehry Partners and Rafael Viñoly Architects. He is a Professional Consultant at Chinese University of Hong Kong, teaches design studios, theory and criticism and plays a leading role in Thesis Project. He received BArch and BFA the Rhode Island School of Design and AAD from Columbia University in New York. Currently he serves as a visiting faculty at the Delft University of Technology in the Chair of Architecture & Public Buildings.

In this lecture Hwang aims to offer a pedagogical framework for the challenges of the contemporary architecture. Deterritorialization is the norm to practice today – it is not an exception but an expectation. Students of architecture will either work in an unfamiliar territory or with unknown locations. What and how should we convery the knowledge in this “flat” world? If the end is to become an architect, is building design the only legitimate means for learning? Or is the end about producing students with architectural intelligence and skills that are transportable?

The lecture is held in English, free of charge.
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