The ESL General Assembly 2014

20 March 2014
Cinema Hall of the Baltic Film and Media School

At the general assembly of the ESL, the annual report for 2013 and the plans and budget for 2014 were presented and approved. According to plans, a number of major important events can be expected in 2014, such as the ESL’s peak event, the international symposium “Dynamics of Theory and Practice” that is introduced in Estonia by Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla; the summer seminar “Public Space for Art”, a charity workshop, photo competition, and many other exciting events.

The new Articles of Association were presented along with the changes, such as improvements in the work of the advisory board, a clearer description of the activities of the management board, and a rise in membership fees. The new Articles of Association of the ESL were approved and adopted by voting.

The Festive Part of the Assembly

For the second year, the ESL nominated its honorary members. By a decision of the advisory board, Mait Summatavet, the living classic of Estonian interior architecture and a fresh holder of the Order of the White Star was given the title of honorary member of the ESL.

The new office of the ESL at 4 Rüütli St. in the Tallinn Old Town, to the completion of which a large number of good partners made a contribution, were also formally opened by the general assembly.

According to Urmo Vaikla, the first own office of the ESL is a great step forward and a good motivation for the further development of the profession and mutual communication between the members.

The Gallery of the Event.

Urmo Vaikla & Liivi Haamer

Hillar Mänd & Aet Seire

Viive Jüriso

Ivi-Els Schneider


Mait Summatavet, Urmo Vaikla, Aet Seire

Mait Summatavet - Honorary member of the ESL