Cultural Endowment

The architecture endowment serves the purpose of promoting the creativeness and social sensitivity of architecture. As opposed to other fields of art, architecture is an area where economic and social processes are manifested in a most direct way and are the most broadly visible. The culture of architecture or the lack of it has a very long-term impact on the human environment.
The endowment council includes seven persons active in the relevant field of culture, nominated by the associations representing the respective field. Endowment members perform their duties until the appointment of new members. The same person may belong to the endowment council for two consecutive terms.

Architecture endowment

Council members 2013–2015

Kalle Komissarov (chairman) – Estonian Academy of Arts, Union of Estonian Architects, Estonian Chamber of Culture

Raivo Kotov (deputy chairman) – Union of Estonian Architects, Estonian Chamber of Culture

Indrek Allmann – Estonian Centre of Architecture

Ignar Fjuk – Institute of Architecture and Urbanistics (Tallinn University of Technology

Eero Jürgenson – ESL

Marika Lõoke – Union of Estonian Architects, Estonian Chamber of Culture

Sirle Salmistu – Estonian Landscape Architects’Union


The endowment funds high-level projects that contribute to:
The promotion of architecture in Estonia;
The promotion of architectural awareness;
The documentation and introduction of architecture on the local and international levels;
The promotion of architectural activities outside the capital city;
The documentation, recording and research of modern architecture or architectural heritage.

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