Through the work of its various committees, the ESL stands for the interests and professional skills of its members, applies for the recognition and protection of works of interior architecture and the rights of authors, and grants professional qualifications. The ESL participates in the initiation, drafting and implementation of legislation concerning the professional code, authorship rights and professional qualifications of interior architects. The ESL pays creative scholarships to its members and applies for funding and conducts projects of importance for the ESL.

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Architecture Endowment

The architecture endowment serves the purpose of promoting the creativeness and social sensitivity of architecture.

Audit committee

The activities of the Association are audited by an audit committee of three members, who are elected by the general assembly for a term of two years until the next elections.

Committee amending the Articles of Association

Amendments to the ESL Articles of Association are required for the normal functioning of the Association. The committee's members are appointed by the management board.

Court of Honour

The court of honour is elected by the general assembly for a term of two years until the next elections. The court of honour discusses and assesses complaints against the ESL members and disputes over professional ethics and violations, and resolves other issues of professional ethics.

Creative scholarships committee

According to the Articles of Association, the award of scholarships and grants is within the competence of the relevant committee.

Legislative committee

The committee works with laws, regulations and standards in force and in drafting, makes proposals for the adoption, amendment and supplementation of laws and other legislation concerning interior architecture, and presents comments and opinions during the drafting of the relevant legislation.

Qualifications committee

The Association grants professional qualifications to the interior architects active on the labour market.