ESL Annual Awards 2008

Estonia’s Best Interior Design Projects and Products 2008

Tiina Mang / Interior Architect, Chairman of the Jury
Kärt Loopalu / Interior Architect
Tiiu Truus / Interior Architect
Kalle Vellevoog / Architect
Aadam Kaarma / Designer
Liina Jänes / Architecture Theoretician
Ivo Nikkolo / Fashion Designer

The competition featured a total of 36 entries, from which the Jury selected 21 nominees in different categories. It was decided to award prizes in 5 categories.

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Starman Customer Service Centre

Best Public Building Interior 2008 - Jan Graps, Ken Kristjan Ruut

La Bottega Restaurant

Best Historical Interior 2008 - Pille Lausmäe, Kerli Lepp

Exhibition „A Will To Be Free. 90 Years Of The Republic Of Estonia“

Best exhibition design 2008 - Inga Raukas, Oliver Soomets, Eva-Maria Gramakovski, Tuuli Aule

Clothes Rack Uluk

Best object / form 2008 - Janno Roos, Andres Labi

Chedi Restaurant

Best Dining Establishment Interior 2008 - Toomas Korb