Advisory Board

The advisory board has the duties of the general meeting between the general meetings. The advisory board advises the management board and approves the decisions of the management board that are important for the activities of the Association and are beyond the competence of the management board. The advisory board may make decisions in issues falling into the competence of the general meeting, except amendments to the Articles of Association that regulate the division of competence between the general meeting and the advisory board. The advisory board consists of 15 members elected by the general meeting for a term of two years.

The earlier Advisory Boards


Tiiu Truus

Andres Labi

Taso Mähar

Maarja Valk-Falk

Eerik Olle

Ville Lausmäe

Mari Kurismaa

Ivi-Els Schneider

Aap Piho

Aili Aasoja

Hanna Karits

Urmo Vaikla

Helen Oja

Kerli Lepp (since 07.03.2018)

Liisa Põime (since 07.03.2018)

Toomas Korb (until 07.03.2018)

Katrin Kaevats (until 07.03.2018)