From Idea To Chair

On 30 January 2019, the Estonian Association of Interior Architects opened the exhibition “The Story of the Estonian Chair” at the Estonian National Museum. Estonian architects and designers have been creating chairs for a century – chairs that have not been widely publicised but are nevertheless an essential part of our design history. These chairs, created as one-off items or mass-produced, have a notable place in the history of Estonian furniture design.

Where are these chairs today? Do they have a place in the Estonian furniture industry and public space? Do Estonians know and love the chairs and their designers? Does the state have a strategy to bring good Estonian design to consumers and why is this journey so often unsuccessful?

What do international designers think of the work of Estonian interior architects? What about local furniture manufacturers, product developers, consumers and managers in the creative economy?

How does an idea become a chair? Interior architects, designers, furniture manufacturers and vendors will try to answer this question together on 8 May at the Estonian National Museum.