4th International Interior Architecture Symposium SISU “Naked Space”

Former factory buildings are transformed into housing. An old garage becomes a restaurant with a cinema and an exhibition space. A former indoor swimming pool and a heating plant are transformed into revitalised cultural centres. What becomes of space when it is stripped to its bareness, reduced to its naked core and opened up to new possibilities?

The SISU 2017 symposium will focus on re-use of interior space and community-driven redesign processes. The symposium will shed light on the question, how interior architecture is able to create an identity for naked space while ‘re-dressing’ it, and how this can contribute new value to the whole neighbourhood. What are our needs today and how does it influence the re-purposing process? How can we investigate the space inside the buildings of the past?

SISU will approach these questions across different disciplines including interior architects/designers, architects, filmmakers, academics and students from different cultures for the first time in parallel in Switzerland and in Estonia.

The Estonian Association of Interior Architects, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art / School of Engineering and Architecture, the Estonian Academy of Arts / Department of Interior Architecture and the Association of Swiss Interior Architects have the honour of inviting You to the 4th International Interior Architecture Symposium SISU “Naked Space” on 7th and 8th June 2017 at Neubad, Luzerne, Switzerland and/or simultaneously to a Mobile classroom created by the students of the Department of Interior Architecture of the EAA in Tallinn, Estonia.

Save the dates and join us in this multicultural exploration of naked space!

The programme and registration

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Sibylla Amstutz (Lucerne) and Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla (Tallinn)

Project Manager
Kairi Rand

Solveig Jahnke