Estonian Association of Interior Architects general meeting 2017

Estonian Association of Interior Architects
Press release
14 March 2017

The new management board of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects (EAIA) plans to continue the public and international activities that have been successful to date.

A new management board was elected at the general meeting of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, which was held on March 9th at the Kumu Art Museum. Pille Lausmäe was unanimously elected as chairman. The members continuing on the management board are Loreida Hein, Maarja Varkki, Raul Tiitus and the new members are Reio Raudsepp, Mari Koger, Eeva Masso.

Toomas Korb, Andres Labi, Taso Mähar, Maarja Valk-Falk, Eerik Olle, Ville Lausmäe, Mari Kurismaa, Ivi-Els Schneider, Tiiu Truus, Aap Piho, Aili Aasoja, Katrin Kaevats, Hanna Karits, Urmo Vaikla and Helen Oja were elected as members of the advisory board of EAIA.

At the general meeting, it was noted that the EAIA has notably expanded its activities during the last few years and become much more visible to the public. International relations have also intensified and the position of the EAIA has been advanced by its membership in the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA). Estonian interior architects are represented in the international organisation by Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, who is also the first Estonian to be a member of the management board of ECIA.

“Our active professional and public activities have been noticed by the EAIA’s foreign partners and great interest in them has resulted. In 2017, two important international interior architecture organisations, the International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers (IFI) and the ECIA wish to visit Estonia, in order to share in our good energy. The ECIA plans to organise its general assembly in Pärnu and the local professionals will also be able to attend,” said Urmo Vaikla, the last chairman, who will continue as a member of the advisory board of EAIA.

The SISU symposium, the EAIA main annual event, which will take place for the fourth time this year, will be held simultaneously in two countries – in Switzerland and Estonia. The organisers include the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, the Department of Engineering and Architecture at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the Department of Interior Architecture at the Estonian Academy of Art (EAA), and the Swiss Association of Interior Architects. The symposium will be held on 7 and 8 June 2017 at the Neubad in Lucerne and simultaneously in a mobile classroom that will be created by the EAA interior architecture students in Tallinn.

“News about this exciting event from previous past years has spread quickly, which is quite unusual for this profession in Europe, and therefore we have been invited to Switzerland,” said Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, the Estonian curator for SISU. She described this year’s theme as follows: “Unused industrial buildings are converted into housing. An old garage becomes a restaurant with a cinema and an exhibition space. Community centres seething with cultural life are created from useless swimming halls or boiler houses. What happens to a space when it is stripped to its bareness, reduced to its naked core and opened up to new possibilities? What should we do with abandoned buildings so they won’t be written off? How can they be made into something that active and inspiring?”

The subtitle of the 4th International Symposium of Interior Architecture and Spatial Use SISU is “Naked Space” and focuses on the reuse of architecture and a design process that involves the community. The symposium will shed light on the following issues. How can interior architecture create a new identity for “naked” spaces? And how can this, in turn, create new value for the community? What are our needs today? And how do they impact the recycling process? How should we approach the spatial studies of historical buildings?

The symposium has become a meeting place for recognised theoreticians and practitioners in the field of (interior) architecture from around the world. This year’s theme appeals to a wide target group and is of interest, no only to interior architects, but also other professionals from interdisciplinary fields of activity that deal with space.

Thanks to our loyal and active associate members, a great number of professional educational seminars have been organised. And a spatial environment project for kindergartens has been conducted in cooperation with Lincona, Fagerhult, Bauhof, Akzo Nobel and the Tallinn Education Department, in the course of which three group rooms in the Mürakaru Kindergarten in Tallinn were renovated. At the initiative of the EAIA, and in close cooperation with interior finishing and construction companies, professional consulting on interior architecture and renovation is provided to kindergarten directors, along with the contact information for the relevant specialists. The project will continue and there are plans to involve more partners.

Traditionally, the EAIA Honorary Member is also announced at the general meeting. This year, the renowned and respected interior architect Ivi-Els Schneider was honoured. She has represented the EAIA in many public organisation and councils, and the spatial environment mission for kindergartens was initiated by her.

The EAIA general meeting was attended by the following twelve active members: Sirle Rebane, Anne-Mai Maasalu, Liina Vaino, Kärt Tähema, Helen Oja, Ville Lausmäe, Anne Määrmann, Elina Steinpilm, Karmen Suurkivi, Lilia Kristianson, Reet Helisabeth Karm and Aet Grigorjev.

Folder of photos from the general meeting

Pille Lausmäe

Pille Lausmäe (born 1958) graduated from the State Art Institute of the Estonian S.S.R. (currently the EAA) in 1983, where she was also a faculty member. She has designed numerous public and residential interiors and unique furniture pieces. Lausmäe’s work features refined and dignified forms and laconically simple and integrated colour solutions.  Her most important projects include the interiors of the Kumu Art Museum (2005), LHV Bank (since 2006) and the Viljandi State Secondary School (2013). Read more.

Ivi-Els Schneider

Ivi-Els Schneider (née. Aamer, born 1945) graduated cum laude from the State Art Institute of the Estonian S.S.R. (currently the EAA) in 1971. After completing her higher education, she worked from 1971 to 1989 in the Soviet ETKVL system; and for seven years she was the head designer at Kooperator. A freelancer starting in 1989, she founded her own company OÜ Poloconsul in 2001. She has been a member of the faculty at the State Art Institute/Academy of Art. During the Soviet period, Schneider was a recognised furniture designer and the author of many interior design projects. She participated actively in exhibitions; as well as in the public activities of the Estonian Artists’ Association, the art council of the ARS Art Combine and the Standard furniture factory. Schneider is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and the Estonian Association of Interior Architects.

The Estonian Association of Interior Architects

The Estonian Association of Interior Architects (EAIA) unites professional interior architects in Estonia and defends their interests, obligations and rights. The association aims to develop Estonian interior architecture, contribute to the creation of an aesthetic and environmentally friendly living environment, and promote the profession of interior architecture.