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New President of the European Council of Interior Architects ECIA is Anja Dirks

The new president of the European Council of Interior Architects ECIA is Anja Dirks, elected on the general assembly taking place September 2015 in Oslo. Regarding her coming presidency she state: “Last year we had a strong internal focus on the mission, vision, main themes and topics of the ECIA for the upcoming years. The next year we will use this strong foundation to continue working from and to realise our goals.

As interior architect she is based with her office “INZIGHT architecture” in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  Anja Dirks is well experienced in professional policies due to her engagement on national level for the Beroepsvereniging van Nederlandse Interieurarchitecten BNI and the Bureau Architectenregister.

Jan Geysen of Belgium, board member since 2012, holds now the position of vice president. Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla from Estonia and Elisabetta de Strobel from Italy were elected as new board members. Furthermore Elke Kaiser, Germany, was re-elected as secretary general and Marianne Daepp of Switzerland affirmed as treasurer.

The main focus of the new board lies in strong external contacts, education and serving the members in order to keep on representing and promoting the qualified profession of interior architects/designers in Europe.

The vision of ECIA comprises that there is a common view on the profession of interior architects/designers as a vital part of society, culture and economics.

General information:

The European Council of Interior Architects is the representative body for the European professional organizations in interior architecture and design. Founded in 1992, ECIA currently represents 16 members – national organizations, with over 8000 practicing interior architects/designers. ECIA provides a common platform for the exchange of information on best professional practices and has established common minimum standards of educational and professional profile for the associated interior architects/designers in the member organizations. ECIA is the common voice of interior architects/designers on European and international level, promoting this profession as vital part of society and economy.