Estonian National Museum of art to subscribe to the idea of the contest

The Estonian National Museum (ENM) and the Government Real Estate (The GRE) has announced the Estonian National Museum (ENM), the idea of purchasing art contest, which aims to find a solution to the idea of the Museum of building a new conference hall and theater stage background in textile design and for the realization. The work of the museum building will be located at the Museum 2 tee, Tartu.

Must wear a work of art created by the Museum built on the idea of spirituality and folk heritage. ERM is an Estonian folk home, which was founded in 1909.. ERM is an Estonian national identity and develop further, while at the same time developing a consistent and robust. The museum is through dialogue mediate different culture tracks, carrying the spirit of cooperation and universal values.

The idea of a call for proposals published by the National Public Procurement Register at: and tender reference number is 158,458th participate and the deadline for submitting designs is 12 March 2015 at 10:00.

National Museum Project Director Peter Maueri said the construction of the building has already been reached so far as to house the box is closed and go inside works. “Art is planned for those who wish to tender the subject of dating over two days: January 7, 2015 at 15:00 and on 25 February at 15:00. Gathering takes place at the entrance to the site, and are required to register in advance, “said Mauer.

Art of procuring an obligation under the 2011 Act came into force in the ordering of works of art, which requires the construction of public buildings, at least 1% of the cost for the acquisition of works of art. The Act applies to government and public bodies and the majority state-owned foundations and non-profit organizations, but does not extend to local governments. Artwork must be obtained if the works are carried out at least 750 000 EUR. Art works contract has a ceiling of 65 000 euros plus VAT.

Additional Information:

Peter Mauer

ERM Project Director

National Real Estate Ltd.

Tel: 606 3452, 5309 2712