ESL Trip to Space & UEA New Year’s Celebration

ESL and EAL traveling into space on January 6
Come and welcome the new year!

The legendary but now undergone refurbishment and equipped with the most modern technology in cinema Kosmos is one night ours, this is an opportunity that should be used with dignity. Within the event the parties concerned to hear stories about the birth of the cinema around the Baltic States for the first Imax cinema and watching short films, cosmic tantsumusika responsible for the band and DJ NEON NOIR MADIS Ligema & Rain Tolk.

One highlight of the evening will be a tradition variable charity auction, which proceeds go Esli the continued active support of the activities and growth. The selection of objects presented to the auction is free. If you want to participate in something thundering, please be sure to provide us informed so that we can auction the property and guests to write good time to introduce isutekitamiseks. Requirements for small-sized items to the auction, please bring the Knight 4 Esli office no later than 5 or 6 January 2015 at 15:00. The generously-sized objects in outer space should be conveyed directly to the day of the auction.

Space opens on January 6 at 18:00
Feast on the exact timetable will notify as soon as possible.

How to be in outer space?

The student / senior 7
Union and a member of the companion 15
20 Non-Member

The entrance door 30

Tickets for the purchase request, please make the transfer to the bank account of the Estonian Interior Designers and Space EE181010220073189016 the tag name of the participant and, in parallel, please send by e-mail to Tickets can be picked up at the start of the festival Space list.

See you in the highest!

Estonian Association of Interior Architects
Union of Estonian Architects