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European Council of Interior Architects ECIA – New President elected


European Council of Interior Architects ECIA

New President elected

The new president of the European Council of Interior Architects ECIA is Per Reinholtz, elected in the general assembly on the 20 September 2014 in London. He follows Joke van Hengstum from the Netherlands, whose presidency terminates after six years.

As former board member of ECIA and past president of the Swedish organisation Per Reinholtz is well experienced with the mission and duties of the European association. As interior architect he is based with his office “Reinholtz & Ronnemark architects” in Växjö, Sweden. Moreover he is lecturer at university and schools.

Regarding his coming presidency he state: “The aims of ECIA are clear. My and the new boards aim is to further strengthen and intensify the contacts between ECIA and its members, the national organizations. The success of our networking mission is depending on reaching out to new members and countries in Europe.”

Joke van Hengstum will support the board for one more year as past president. Under her leadership ECIA evolved as a strong organisation with good connections to the national members. An important step was the updating of the European Charter for interior architecture training, adopted in 2013 by all 16 member organisations.

Anja Dirks from the Netherlands was elected as new board member. She replaces Hallgrimur Friðgeirsson of Island. Furthermore Jan Geysen, Belgium, was re-elected into the executive committee and Marianne Daepp of Switzerland affirmed as treasurer. The board consists of two more members: Carlo Beltramelli of Italy and Elke Kaiser, Germany, as secretary general.

General information:

The European Council of Interior Architects is the representative body for the European professional organizations in Interior Architecture and Design. Founded in 1992, ECIA currently represents 16 members – national organizations, with over 8000 practicing Interior Architects. ECIA provides a common platform for the exchange of information on best professional practices and has established common minimum standards of educational and professional profile for the Associated Interior Architects in the member organizations. ECIA is the common voice of Interior Architects on European and international level, promoting this profession as vital part of society and economy.